Downloading installation items

Depending on the release package, you can download the software from Passport Advantage or Fix Central. Software for the Version, Release, and Modification releases is available on Passport Advantage. Software for Fix Pack releases are available on Fix Central.

The following table provides information about the location and items that you can download.

Table 1. Location for downloading software
What do you want to do? Download Location Items that you can download Location Comments
  • Install Sterling B2B Integrator for the first time
  • Upgrade to new version, release, or modification
Passport Advantage
  • Version: Example, 6.1
  • Release: Example, 6.1.0
  • Modification: Example,6.1.2
Passport Advantage If you want to move to the latest Fix Pack of these releases, download and install them from Fix Central.
Upgrade to a Fix Pack Fix Central Fix Pack: Example, Fix Central To install a Fix Pack, you must download and install its base version from Passport Advantage.