Admin Console

The Admin Console pane is your access point to all the standard IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator features. The UI uses a dashboard design that enables the display of additional optional panes that are available with other IBM Sterling B2B Integrator applications.

When you log in to IBM Sterling B2B Integrator, the Admin Console pane is displayed. The following figure illustrates the Admin Console pane.

The Operations option provides access to system administration information, including system troubleshooting, performance tuning, system logs, and license information.

The interface display can be customized in a variety of ways. Therefore, if any of the following are true, the Admin Console pane may not be displayed when you log in, or look different from that shown in the previous figure:
  • You are logged in to a IBM Sterling B2B Integrator edition, such as the AS2 Edition. In this case, an edition-specific pane may be displayed.
  • The permissions associated with your user account limit your navigation of the UI to a smaller subset of components. In this case, some of the menu options may not be displayed.

For purposes of exploring the interface, this documentation assumes that your interface contains all the standard menu options and that the Admin Console pane is your entry point to the system.