Configuration checklist for System Administrators

Before installing Sterling File Gateway, review this checklist to understand the overall process.

The following table provides the process for implementing Sterling File Gateway:

Stage Description
1 Create an architectural design plan.
2 Determine system and hardware requirements.
3 Obtain product training.
4 Install Sterling B2B Integrator.
5 Install Sterling File Gateway.
6 Tune Sterling B2B Integrator.
7 Configure permissions and set up user accounts for administrative users (Operators, Route Provisioners, and Integration Architects). Delete default user accounts or change the default passwords for users installed with Sterling B2B Integrator
8 Configure services and adapters, based on the protocols you will use:
  • HTTP Server adapter
  • HTTP Client adapter
  • FTP Server adapter
  • FTP Client adapter and services
  • SFTP Server adapter
  • SFTP Client adapter and services
  • Connect:Direct Server adapter and services
  • Command Line Adapter 2 for PGP
9 Set up any certificates and keys that are required.
10 Verify that a routing schedule is enabled.