Summary of Changes

This is a summary of the items that changed or were updated in CLA2 on your system as a result of upgrading to this Fix Pack

The following list contains information about the changes that were made to CLA2:
  • The local CLA2 server is disabled by default and will not start automatically. You must enable the local CLA2 server in order to use it.
  • The local CLA2 server will only bind to localhost. This is the default behavior. It will prevent off-machine connections.
  • Audit log entries (separate from debug) are generated by the CLA2 server:
    03-19-2013 14:26:01:938 (161352094) AUDIT CmdLine2Thread.runCommand() 
    : Originating hostname:/ Connected to:/ 
    with WFID :1008 with cmdLine : ls -la
  • Optional support for channel encryption using SSL is provided.

    Both the remote command and the file payload is transferred over the encrypted channel. Once the transfer is complete, the unencrypted file payload is stored on the file system where the CLA2 command runs.

  • Optional support for authentication that is based on cryptographic signing is provided.
  • Management scripts are provided to help deploy remotely, start and stop, and set up a Windows service.
  • An option to show the command string in the status report of the CLA2 adapter in the BP tracking screen is provided. To enable this feature, set the following property in the file:
  • The SWIFTNet adapter includes all listed changes to CLA2.
  • The PGP adapter includes all listed changes to CLA2.
  • The product documentation is updated to include all listed changes to CLA2.