Global Mailbox and Sterling B2B Integrator installation package

The Global Mailbox and Sterling B2B Integrator installation package is structured logically to ensure ease of use.

When you download the Sterling B2B Integrator media from IBM Fix Central or IBM Passport Advantage, and extract the compressed file, you can see the following files and directories:
The compressed folder contains Installation Manager packages for the supported operating systems. Extract the folder and then extract the Installation Manager package for your operating system.
Important: The IM_<operating_system> and the repository folders for Global Mailbox (gmrepo) and Sterling B2B Integrator (b2birepo) must be at the same level in a folder.
Contains the sample response files that can be used to install Cassandra, ZooKeeper, Global Mailbox, and Sterling B2B Integrator through silent mode. It also contains the SilentFileToXml utility, which can be used to convert a .txt silent file to .XML file. For more information, see Creating a response file.
Important: During silent installation, you may need to replace a string in the response file with the Global Mailbox package version number from Table 1.
Contains repository files (gmrepo and b2birepo) and installable for Global Mailbox and Sterling B2B Integrator.
Contains the IBMUpgradePreCheck.jar file which verifies the essential components that are required to start an upgrade successfully. For more information, see IBMUpgradePreCheck.jar.
The script installs or updates IBM Installation Manager as needed, updates Sterling B2B Integrator by populating necessary update parameters in a silent response XML file (update.xml), and invoking the silent installation mode by using the populated silent response XML as the input.

Supported JDKs are included with the Sterling B2B Integrator media. For specific version requirements, see the Software Product Compatibility Reports for your operating system.