Sending files by using myFileGateway 2.0

You can send multiple files by using the myFileGateway 2.0 application.

To send files by using myFileGateway 2.0, complete the following steps.

  1. In myFileGateway 2.0, click Uploads from the IBM myFileGateway menu.
  2. Select the mailbox path where you want to upload files.
  3. Drag the files in the folder or click select to browse and select a file. You can upload multiple files at one time.
    You can perform the following actions when the files are being uploaded.
    • Prioritize the file upload when in progress.
    • Pause or cancel the file upload.
    • Resume the file upload if it is paused.
    • You notice a small difference when you upload small and large files. The small files are uploaded in parallel while the large files are uploaded in a sequence with concurrent chunks
    • File upload may fail for various reasons. Upload the file again and it resumes from where it has stopped.
    • If you pause the files individually, you must individually resume them.
    • If you pause the file individually and perform sequencing for the files present in the queue, then you must individually resume them.

    When the files are uploaded, the status of the files is displayed as Complete.