Perimeter server

A perimeter server is a software tool for communications management that can be installed in a DMZ. The perimeter server manages the communications flow between outer layers of your network and the TCP-based transport adapters. A perimeter server can solve problems with network congestion, security, and scalability, especially in high-volume, Internet-gateway environments.

You can use perimeter servers when you install Sterling B2B Integrator and Global Mailbox in a clustered environment. A cluster is two or more connected copies of Sterling B2B Integrator that share a database. A node is one copy of Sterling B2B Integrator in the cluster.

In a clustered environment, each node may have a perimeter server configured. You can have more than one perimeter server for each node, which enables you to increase the number of connections and improve processing times. However, each perimeter server can serve only one Sterling B2B Integrator node. You can also have many different services and adapters using the same perimeter server.