About IBM Sterling File Gateway

Sterling File Gateway is an application for transferring files between partners using different protocols, file naming conventions, and file formats.

Sterling File Gateway utilizes the Sterling B2B foundation, which includes IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator, Sterling Standards, and the Sterling platform, to deliver capabilities similar to those found in Sterling Advanced File Transfer and IBM Sterling Connect:Enterprise® for UNIX, while adding new features and functionality.

Use Sterling File Gateway for movement of large and high-volume file transfers, with end-to-end visibility of file movement in a process-oriented and highly-scalable framework that alleviates file transfer challenges, such as protocol and file brokering, automation, and data security.

Sterling File Gateway supports integration with Sterling B2B Integrator Mailbox, IBM Sterling Control Center, IBM Sterling Secure Proxy, IBM Sterling Connect:Direct® for UNIX server products, Sterling Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows, and IBM WebSphere® MQ File Transfer Edition. Sterling File Gateway, which is delivered atop the Sterling B2B Integrator platform with a unique application URL, provides single sign-on access to the Sterling B2B Integrator administrative console through menu selection.