Customized business processes

Upgrading to a new build may install new versions of Sterling File Gateway system business processes.

If you have modified the previous version of a system business process, the new version will be installed but will not be set as the default version. Your modified version will continue to be the default version. During the build installation, the output will produce a message on the screen and in the InstallService.log file similar to the following:

Adding New system flow: FileGatewayMailboxRoute.bpml BPML has not been
 set as default version.

To use the new version of the system business process, you will need to manually update the business process to reflect your modifications and set it as the default version.

Sterling File Gateway performs a version check on system business processes to verify that the latest version is being run. If the version check fails, all routes are marked as “Failed”. For a failed route, click on the row to view details. An error message of:
FG-0458 A newer version of Business Process xxx is installed, but 
is not the default chosen version.
This is a reminder to perform the changes and reset the default business process.

There is also a log entry when this occurs.