Converting multiple AS2 relationships to Global Mailbox realm

You can bulk migrate AS2 relationships from the traditional mailbox realm to the Global Mailbox realm by using the MigrateAS2RelationshipToGlobalMbx business process.

The MigrateAS2RelationshipToGlobalMbx business process uses the list of trading partners from the export functionality and will migrate the relationships where the trading partner appears as an AS2 Organization. When the conversion is complete, a report is generated that provides the following information:
  • Number of trading partners that were found
  • Number of AS2 relationships that were found
  • Number of successful relationships

To convert partners to the Global Mailbox realm, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Sterling B2B Integrator dashboard.
  2. Export the list of partners to an XML file by completing the following steps:
    1. From the Administration Menu, select Deployment > Resource Manager > Import/Export.
    2. Next to Export Resources, click Go.
    3. Select XML Document as the output file type and click Next.
    4. Select No to indicate that you do not want to export resources that are associated with a tag, and click Next.
    5. Select the type of export, Standard.
    6. From Resources Types select Trading Partner Data.
    7. On the Select TP objects page, select Identities.
    8. On the TP Identities page, select the trading partners.
    9. Specify the Security Passphrase.
    10. On the Confirm page, click Finish.
    11. Click Download, and save the file.

      The default name of the file is Export.xml.

  3. From the Administration Menu, click Business Processes > Manager.
  4. Search for MigrateAS2RelationshipToGlobalMbx.
  5. Click Execution Manager.
  6. Click Execute to run the business process.
  7. Click Browse to go to the directory that contains the export file that contains the partner list (named Export.xml by default), and select the file.
  8. Click Go
    The business process runs. The following message is displayed:
    Status: Success

    A conversion report is created in Process Data.