Searching transactions and viewing reports

You can search for orders and view the summary of the orders on EBICS Client dashboard interface based on a combination of parameters.

Users can search for orders and view the summary of the orders on EBICS Client dashboard interface based on one of the following parameters or a combination of the following parameters:
  • Search location: Live tables, Archive tables
    Note: Recent orders are stored in live tables and archived orders are stored in restore tables.
  • Order start and end date
  • Order start and end time
  • Bank ID (Host ID)
  • Partner name
  • Order ID
  • Status: All, Success, Failed, In Progress, Pending at Server, Pending at Client
  • Order type
  • File format
  • Permission type: Submitter, Signer
  • User ID: Only an EBICS Client admin and EBICS Client operator can use this parameter
If an EBICS Client admin invokes the search, orders submitted by all the users in the system are displayed. If an EBICS Client user invokes the search, self-submitted orders are displayed in the search result. The search result is displayed in a tabular format. It can be sorted in ascending or descending order. The search result can also be refreshed periodically by specifying refreshing time. You can click the order ID link to view the order information. The Order summary details page is divided into two sections: Order data and Order details.
The Order data section provides the following information about the selected order:
  • Order ID
  • Order Type
  • File format
  • Number of signatures (Signatures required to submit the order)
  • Start date and time
  • Last activity date and time
  • Completion date and time
  • Partner name
  • User ID
  • Bank ID (HostID)
  • Status of the order
  • Document (The order payload) - The order document link is displayed only for the EBICS Client user. Click on the link to view the payload (for upload and download technical orders) or the order request XML (for other order types).
The Order details section has three tabs:
Order event
Provides information about events pertaining to an order, such as, data compressed, data encoded, pending tasks created for submitter, and so on.
Provides information about the activities pertaining to an order, such as, Pending at client for signature, Submit action by submitter, and so on. The activities can be in one of the following states:
  • In progress
  • Completed
  • Failed
Activities are not generated for INI, HIA, and HPB order types.
Pending Signatures
Lists the users whose signatures are pending for the selected order.