Set Up and Use JSTL

The JSTL is optional and since it is a library of code, it is never directly tied to any part of Sterling B2B Integrator. The library is only referenced by your JSP Web templates.

About this task

You do not need to configure Sterling B2B Integrator to use the JSTL.

To add the JSTL to your Web application:


  1. Add the JSTL to the Web Application. See Add the JSTL to the Web Application.
  2. Edit the web.xml file for the Web application to include the tag libraries. See Edit the web.xml File for JSTL.
  3. Add the JSTL Namespace and tags to the JSP Web template.
  4. Use the JAR utility that is installed with the JDK to compile the WAR file. See Update, Compile, and Redeploy the WAR file in Sterling B2B Integrator.
  5. Test the Web template in the Web application.