Setting up Batch Notifications for Business Process Deadlines

You can set up batch notifications for business process deadlines.

About this task

To set up batch notifications for your business processes:


  1. Add the following data to the file using a text editor (For further information, see the documentation on overriding property files.).
    • noapp.dbDeadLineThread=true
    • bpdeadline.deadlinePerBP=false
    • bpdeadline.includeBPstate=true
      Note: The default for bpdeadline.includeBPstate = false. By setting this to true, when the notification is fired, the event contains the most current state of the business process.
    • bpdeadline.EmailTo= (Use this parameter to define the e-mail addresses to be notified. You can enter multiple e-mail addresses by using a comma (,) to separate them.)
  2. Save and close the file.
  3. Stop and restart Sterling B2B Integrator in order for your customer property overrides to take effect.
  4. Run the following command:
    • For UNIX,
    • For Windows, setupfiles.cmd