Global Mailbox learning test environment

You can set up the learning test environment to learn and understand about Global Mailbox and the components.

You can set up a Global Mailbox learning test environment on your local laptop or on a virtual machine (VM). The learning test environment is a single node, single data center setup. To set up a learning test environment, install the following Global Mailbox components on one system:
  1. Apache Cassandra and Apache ZooKeeper
  2. Non-clustered WebSphere® MQ (to enable the testing of event between Global Mailbox and Sterling B2B Integrator)
  3. Sterling B2B Integrator database
  4. Sterling B2B Integrator and Global Mailbox
A replication server and shared storage are not required in the learning test environment because this environment has only one node in one data center.

The learning test environment is easy to install and you can quickly learn about Global Mailbox components and understand how they work in a simple environment.

The limitations of the learning test environment are as follows:
  • You cannot test or learn about replication because the setup has only one Cassandra and one Sterling B2B Integrator node.
  • You cannot test any fault tolerance scenarios because of a lack of redundancy in this configuration. There is only one node of Cassandra, ZooKeeper, WebSphere MQ, and Sterling B2B Integrator with Global Mailbox.

The following diagram illustrates the Global Mailbox learning test environment:

A learning test environment consists of Sterling B2B Integrator, Global Mailbox, WebSphere MQ, Cassandra, and ZooKeeper.
Restriction: The Cassandra node must be specified as the seed node, and must be on Linux.