Microsoft SQL Server database user privileges

In Microsoft SQL Server, you must grant DBO (Database Owner) permission to the user. The DB_DDLADMIN role is required for creating objects in the SQL Server database.

You need several permissions to install Sterling B2B Integrator using the Microsoft SQL Server database. Following list of permissions are required for the installation:
  • sp_pkeys
  • sp_helpindex
  • sp_tables
  • sp_columns
  • sp_spaceused
  • sp_helpconstraint
  • sp_helpdb
Following list of permissions are required by Sterling B2B Integrator after installation:
  • sp_helptext
  • sp_help_fulltext_columns
  • sp_fulltext_database
  • sp_fulltext_catalog
  • sp_fulltext_table
  • sp_fulltext_column
  • sp_indexoption
  • sp_server_info
  • sp_configure
  • sp_rename