Managing database passwords

A password is used by the system to connect to its database. The password is stored as clear text in a system property file.

Important: If you want to use special characters in your clear text password, make sure you follow the instructions as per your operating system:
  • For Windows:
    • A caret ( ^ ) must precede each special character.
    • A caret ( ^ ) followed by an exclamation point ( ! ) must precede each exclamation point special character.
  • For Linux: A backslash ( \ ) must precede each special character.

If the security policies at your company require you to encrypt these passwords, you can do so after you install the system. Encrypting these passwords is optional.

Database passwords encryption methods

Database passwords are encrypted with one of two methods: OBSCURED or ENCRYPTED.

The encryption method is decided by the value of the encryptionPrefix property in the or the propertyEncryption.properties_platform_security_ext file.