Specifying Constants (Literal Values) In Assign Elements

As well as obtaining runtime values from process data, you can also specify constants (or literals) as parameters in assign elements.

For example, if some parameters may not be specified in process data, defaults can be used.

Note: Because the BPML is represented as XML, literal values included in the ‘from’ attribute value must be enclosed in single quotes within the double quotes (“‘ ’”). For example <assign to=”foo” from=”’bar’”/>.

The following example illustrates the use of default parameters.

<operation name="GetCustomerData">
   <output name="MessageToGet">
      <assign to="ID">12345</assign>
      <assign from="*" to=".">
   <input name="MessageFromGet">
      <assign from="NAME" to="CustomerName">
      <assign from="EMAIL" to="CustomerEmail">

In this example, the service configured with a setting of Obtain Message first, then Process Data and has a constant assignment to the ID parameter.