Import Converted zSeries Data

After you convert and import your trading partner data, you can complete trading partner profiles, code list, and related map conversion tasks.

About this task

After you have converted your trading partner data, you can import the data into Sterling B2B Integrator. To complete the import process:


  1. Import the final.xml file (or the renamed .xml output file) into Sterling B2B Integrator.
  2. Review the import report to determine whether any errors occurred in the import process. Any object having an error associated with it (see the STATUS column) is not successfully imported. Therefore, you must correct the error and import that envelope again.
  3. Review imported document envelopes and control numbers, and, if necessary, modify them as needed.
    Note: Required fields are not validated during the envelope import process. Therefore, the import report does not contain warning messages related to required fields that may be empty or contain invalid data. To validate, review imported envelopes using the document envelope edit function. Clicking Next as you move through the wizard validates the data and produces error messages for invalid data.


You can now create complete trading partner profiles and code lists, and perform related map conversion tasks. Use the Map Editor Sterling Gentran:Server for zSeries map conversion utility to convert the maps.
Note: For more information about map conversion, see Map-Related Considerations When Converting Trading Partner Data.