Different Types of Assigns

The assign element is a BPML construct you can use to perform simple assignment operations within a service call. You can also use assign statements outside of any operation, input, or output tags.

Performing a simple assignment operation within a service call is illustrated in the first example (see Input and Output ExamplesInput and Output Examples). Sometimes called top-level assignment, this method enables you to manipulate the process data directly, outside the service call in a process rather than within the service step.

Within Sterling B2B Integrator, the Assign service configuration is available for this purpose, and in the GPM, it is represented as the Assign activity, available as an icon from the BPML stencil. This topic discusses the assign element, not the service or activity, but it is important to note that top-level assignments follow the same conventions outlined here.

Note: If you are configuring a service in the GPM rather than by direct coding, and you want to include an assign element in the service configuration, add it to the parameters on the Message To Service or Message From Service tab, as appropriate. To add the element, click Advanced.