Convert UNIX Trading Partner Data

You can convert trading partner data to import into Sterling B2B Integrator.

About this task

The conversion utility uses the Sterling Gentran:Server for UNIX trading partner code to create the document envelope name. Because the system does not allow certain characters to be used in the name, the conversion utility replaces any unsupported character that may be in your trading partner code with an underscore. Unsupported characters are: ! @ # % ^ * ( ) + ? , < > { } [ ] | ; “ ‘ For example, a UNIX trading partner code of Y@#$%^&*()-G converts into a document envelope name of Y__$__&___-G.

To convert trading partner data:


  • Review the following command line options to define how you want to convert trading partner data (org.unl, tp.unl, and generic.unl files) to a .xml file. You can specify these command line options in any order:





    Displays the Usage menu that describes the available command line options. Optional. --help


    Filename path of the converter properties file. This file provides key parameter values to the utility. Optional.

    Note: When not specified, the converter properties file defaults to the directory /install_dir/install/tp_import/gentran/ -properties /install_dir/install/tp_import/gentran/


    Filename path of the .xml file created by the utility. This .xml file contains the output of all of the converted trading partner data. Optional. If you do not specify a name, the default name is /install_dir/install/tp_import/gentran/result/final.xml.

    Consider specifying a name for the .xml file that is meaningful to you. To specify a name, type -output and the desired file name—for example, to specify partner as the name, type the following command:

    -output partner.xml -output partner.xml


    Filename path of the following report files created by the utility:
    • convert.rpt – Details about the conversion process.
    • ConversionCtrlNumReport.xml – Details about data converted to control numbers.
    • ConversionReport.xml – Details about data converted to envelopes.
    • SynonymReport.xml- Details about data converted to code lists.


    Consider specifying a name for the report files. To specify a name, type -report and the new file name—for example, to specify partner as the name of convert.rpt, type the following command: -report partner.rpt -report partner.rpt

  • Convert the trading partner data using the appropriate command.
    • For UNIX, enter: /install_dir/install/tp_import/
    • For Windows, enter: \install_dir\install\tp_import\convert.cmd
    Note: Append the appropriate parameters to further qualify how the data gets converted.
  • Review the reports created by the utility to determine if any errors or warnings occurred during the conversion.


You can now import the converted data into Sterling B2B Integrator.