Setting up Init Container for external resources

You can configure an init container to provide any deployment specific external resources, such as database driver jars, JCE policy files, key stores and trust stores for SSL connections, Standards jar, custom war files, custom integration jars for SEAS and so on, which are not included with the product images. The init container will run or execute before the application container. These resources will now be made available to the application containers during start up. With the resources init container configured, the resources persistent volume is no longer required and should be disabled in the helm configuration. If resources persistent volume is configured, then the resources init container configuration should be disabled. Only one of the configuration options can be used at a time to configure external resources.
  • If you are installing or upgrading to Sterling B2B Integrator v6.1.2.1 or above, you don't need to configure and provide Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) policy file details.
  • An out of the box init container image with the latest supported database drivers is available on the Entitled Registry (b2bi-resources or sfg-resources). The image can be used out of the box or a custom init container image can be built on top of this image with the additional required resource artifacts or packages and configured as the init container in .Values.resourcesInit section. The image has the following database driver versions:
    • Oracle -
    • DB2 - 4.32.28
    • MSSQL - 11.2.0