Configuring the database job

The database setup job can be configured as a pre-install or upgrade job for populating the application database with the latest schema and metadata from the current release. The job is configured with its own dbsetup image which bundles all the artifacts required for the application database setup to execute.

The database setup job can be configured to run with the following configurations in the helm configuration file:
  enabled: true
  upgrade: false
    repository: ""
    # Provide the tag value in double quotes
    tag: ""
     # If digest is specified, it takes precedence over tag
    pullPolicy: IfNotPresent
    pullSecret: ""
  • dataSetup.enable: This flag enables or disables the database job. It should be enabled for new installations or upgrades to new releases, but disabled for any subsequent helm upgrades that involve any configuration changes.
  • dataSetup.upgrade: This flag should be set to false for new installations, and true for upgrades to new version releases. In case of new installations, the database setup job creates the required database schema tables and metadata for the application. In case of upgrades, it applies any schema or metadata updates applicable for the new release.
  • dataSetup.image: This flag configures the image details for the database setup job which uses a separate image bundled with all the required artifacts to help in setting up or upgrading the application database. The image is available for download from IBM Entitled Registry along with the rest of the application images. For more information, refer to Downloading Certified Container images from IBM Entitled Registry.
Note: The dataSetup.image.pullSecret configuration is optional. If not specified, global.image.pullSecret or service account pull secret will be used to pull the dbsetup image.