Certified Container architecture

A Certified Container is a platform for developing and running containerized applications. You can use it to install and deploy Sterling B2B Integrator.

Benefits of using a Certified Container:
  • Enables simple and easy deployment for cloud and on-premise
  • Enables simple upscale or downscale of replicas
  • Enables easy upgrade or rollback
  • Enables easy multi-cloud deployment

The Certified Container is bundled with IBM certified Helm charts and Red Hat certified image for deploying and running the application on Container Orchestration and Management platforms.

Application OS

The operating system for the Red Hat Certified Container is Red Hat Universal Base Image (UBI).

Layered architecture

The container layers are as follows:
  • Red Hat UBI OS v8.6 as base image
  • IBM WebSphere Liberty
  • Sterling B2B Integrator jar files, properties files, and other configuration files.