Procedure Page

Procedure pages are the typical pages that are used in the Admin Console pane and the home page pane for the AS2 edition to complete necessary activities, such as configuring services and adapters, creating trading partner profiles, creating reports, and searching for specific information.

The following figure shows the standard parts of the interface pages:

The following table describes the labeled parts:

Page Component Description
Manage Layout link Links to the Customize pane for customizing Dashboard panes. You can customize the pane and portlet content.
Navigation menu The appropriate menu is displayed according to the pane your are in. Provides access to process-related activities.
Central page area Displays the page title and the body of the page that are related to the menu selection used to navigate to the page.
Navigation and task buttons May include Back, Next, Cancel, Return, Save, Validate, and Finish. Enables you to navigate back and forth in the pages that make up a procedure, save changes, complete a task, cancel a procedure, or return to the initial page in a procedure or topical area.
Note: Always use the IBM® Sterling B2B Integrator Back and Next buttons instead of your browser's Back and Forward arrow buttons. Using the browser buttons may cause errors.
Page information Describes the page and how to use it. May include a list of steps to complete a task.