Generating audit snapshot license reports for Certified Containers

You can use License Service to retrieve license usage data per cluster and for multiple clusters you can use License Service Reporter through dedicated API calls.

About this task

Use the automatic script to install License Service on any Kubernetes-orchestrated cloud to automatically install ibm-licensing-operator with a stand-alone IBM Containerized Software using Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM). To generate the audit snapshot license reports, take a note of the following instructions:
  1. You will see the following message in the console once the script installs IBM Licensing service:

  2. Make a note of the license service token and save it in a secure location. You can also obtain the token later by following the steps in Obtaining and updating an API token. Also, make a note of the license service URL. However, you can obtain it later from the routes/ingress created for the license service using CLI or OpenShift console.

  3. You can access the License Service Route URL and click on the Snapshot hyperlink.
  4. You can view the Snapshot report by providing the License Service Secret from the step 2 as licensing token.

For more information on retrieving the audit snapshot, refer to APIs for retrieving License Service data.