Configuring the property files

Property files contain properties that control the operation of Sterling B2B Integrator. By modifying the values of these properties, you can customize the Sterling B2B Integrator to suit your business and technical needs.

For example, the REINIT_DB property in the sandbox.cfg file controls whether or not a database is initialized when you install Sterling B2B Integrator.

Most property files are in the following directory:
  • For Windows: \<install_dir>\properties
  • For Unix/Linux: /<install_dir>/properties

After installing Sterling B2B Integrator, most property files and scripts do not need any further configuration for basic operation. However, if you want to customize any specific operations, for example setting a different logging level - you will need to edit ( or in some cases, create) certain property or .xml files.

Before changing any property files, refer to the Working with Property Files documentation for general information about how to work with Property Files.

Areas where you might need to make specific property files changes after an installation include:

  • LDAP user authentication
  • Prevention of cross-site script vulnerabilities
  • Logging configuration
  • Process-specific property file settings