Review Custom Order

An EBICS Administrator reviews and approves new Custom Orders.

Follow these steps:

  1. From the Administration menu, select EBICS > Custom Order Configuration.
  2. Next to List Alphabetically, click Go!.
    The system displays the complete set of Custom Orders.
  3. Click Review next to the Custom Order.
  4. Review the Custom Order information in the Review Resources page.
  5. Add an appropriate Review Comment.
  6. Change the Review Status to Approve or Reject and click Save. Click Next.
  7. Review the values on Confirm page and click Finish.
The system displays the Status of the Custom Order from Pending to Approved or Rejected in the Custom Order Configuration page.
  • Every new Custom Order must be reviewed and approved by an EBICS Administrator.
  • An EBICS Administrator can Create, Edit, View, Review, and Delete a Custom Order.
  • An EBICS Operator can only Create, Edit, and View a Custom Order.
  • The Custom Order is automatically approved if there is only one EBICS Administrator.
  • A self-created Custom Order cannot be approved by oneself.