Enable the Details Feature in Document Tracking

The Details icon on the Current Documents page allows you to see the hierarchical views and relationships between your documents.

About this task

For a document to appear in Current Documents, you must turn on document tracking for your business process, which also enables the Details icon on the Current Documents page.

Note: All documents that belong to a family share a common Tracking ID. However, each document has a unique Document ID.

To enable document tracking details:


  1. From the Administration Menu, select Business Processes > Manager.
  2. In the Search panel, enter the name of the business process for which you want to enable document tracking.
  3. Click the Source Manager icon to select the business process.
  4. Click the Edit icon to open the business process.
  5. Enter a Description for this version of the business process and click Next.
  6. Select Document Tracking.
  7. Click Next until you reach the last page of the wizard.
  8. Click Finish.