Assigning Rules and Conditions in Business Process Models

You can assign the rules and conditions in business process models through a series of steps.

In the process of creating the core structure of your business process model in the workspace, you may have already completed steps 1 and 2.

  1. To a business process model open in the workspace, add the decision point to which you will assign rules, along with related icons for each possible processing sequence (you may need to remove the link that connects two icons in order to insert the new icons):
    1. At the appropriate point in the process model, add the following icons:
      • Choice Start and Choice End
      • Two copies of Sequence Start and Sequence End
      • Icons for the activities required in each sequence. For example, two copies of the Assign icon.
    2. Example
      Arrange and link the icons. For example.
  2. Configure the parameters for the service in each sequence as necessary (for example, the Assign activity icons). For instructions, see Configuring Parameters in GPM Element EditorsConfiguring Parameters in GPM Element Editors.
  3. Rename the following icons as indicated:
    • Rename Choice Start to describe the decision activity. For example, CheckTotalPO.
    • Rename the Sequence Start icons to describe the condition related to each flow path. For example, one might be Total10000 and the other might be TotalNot10000.
  4. Double-click the edge (link line) between Choice Start and one of the Sequence icons to display the Edge editor.
  5. In the Edge editor, click Add to display the name and value columns.
  6. In the Name column, click in the field to display a list of previously-created rules, and select the appropriate rule. This will be the rule name displayed with the selected edge in the business process model.
  7. In the Value column, select True or Not true for the selected rule.

    When you click in the workspace, the rule name displays on the edge in the process model.

  8. Do you need to assign more rules to this edge?
    • If Yes, repeat steps 5 - 7 until you finish assigning rules to this edge.
    • If No, repeat steps 4 - 7 for other edges to which you must assign rules.