Generating and Retrieving EBICS Reports

Use the EBICS Reporting service to generate a payment status report (PSR) with every upload order (FUL) request. The .PSR report is in an XML format and follows the pain.002.001.02 schema. After the .PSR report is generated successfully, it is placed in the EBICS user's download mailbox.

A .PSR report is generated after asynchronous order processing of each FUL. A user can send an FDL request with the FileFormat pain.002.001.02.ack to retrieve the .PSR report. If no date range is specified in the EBICS request, the bank concatenates the PSR reports in the user's download mailbox, and packages the order data in the EBICS response.

When the bank receives a positive acknowledgement from the user based on the parameter value provided under the FDLOrderParams element in the FDL request, the .PSR reports in the user's download mailbox are moved to the user's archive mailbox. If no positive acknowledgement is received after a specified time-out period, the EBICS Server Service scheduler changes the Extractable Count back to 1 for the .PSR reports in the user's download mailbox, enabling the user to download the .PSR reports again.

If the user wants to download the .PSR reports from the user's archive mailbox, the user must specify a date range in the EBICS request. The user must ensure that the date range matches the drop date of the .PSR reports when moved from the user's download mailbox to the user's archive mailbox.