Global Mailbox components at a glance

A Global Mailbox system includes various components that operate together.

Table 1. Global Mailbox components
Global Mailbox components Description Required or optional Operating system
Sterling B2B Integrator (application) Processes the Global Mailbox messages. Required Windows, UNIX, AIX, or Linux®
Global Mailbox Management node Manages the Global Mailbox data. Required. Must be co-located with Sterling B2B Integrator. Windows, UNIX, or Linux
Global load balancer Distributes work load across data centers. Required Not applicable
Local load balancer Distributes work load within a data center. Required Not applicable
Apache ZooKeeper Creates distributed locks and coordinates actions across all Global Mailbox nodes. Required Linux
Apache Cassandra Stores and replicates metadata across the servers in the Cassandra cluster in all the data centers. Required Linux
Cassandra Reaper Used to schedule automatic repairs for the data in Cassandra. Required Linux
Shared file system, such as GPFS and NFS. Stores payload data. Required. Sterling B2B Integrator, Global Mailbox Management node, and replication server access the shared file system. Windows, UNIX, or Linux
NFS Parameter


You must use actimeo=0 on your NFS mount. If the parameter is not specified, file segments of 0 KB or incorrect size will be displayed. Downloading of large files (in GBs) from the replicated data center may also fail. Required Linux
Replication server Replicates payloads from shared disk of one data center to the shared disk to another data center. Required. Must be installed on each Sterling B2B Integrator and Global Mailbox Management node. Windows, UNIX, or Linux
WebSphere® MQ Notifies applications about the events related to the Global Mailbox. Required Windows, UNIX, or Linux
Database cluster Stores the application configuration, such as users, business processes, and protocol adapters. Required Windows, UNIX, or Linux
Perimeter server Reduces network congestion issues and improves scalability for high volume environments through session and thread management. Enhances security by moving security threats further from your secure network and data. Optional Windows, UNIX, or Linux
Sterling File Gateway Facilitates the exchange of file-based information securely, in virtually any format, protocol, and file size. Optional  
Sterling Secure Proxy Masks the IP address and HTTP details of the servers to secure the network and data centers. Optional Windows, UNIX, or Linux

Conceptual diagram

The following diagram shows the relative relationship between the components of Global MailboxSystem components provide a consistent view of mailbox data by using replication and data sharing technologies.