Add a node to the cluster


Complete the following steps to add a node into the cluster:

  1. Install a new Sterling B2B Integrator node to be added to the cluster. is the next sequentially available node number.

    Ensure that the node number being added is the next sequentially available node number.

    Note: Node number = Current highest node number + 1.
  2. If dynamic clustering is enabled by setting dynamic.cluster.enable=true in, then:
    1. Do not stop the cluster environment while adding a new node.
    2. Start the new node.
  3. If dynamic clustering is disabled by setting dynamic.cluster.enable=false in, then:
    1. Update the file and the file with the new node details for each node in the cluster.
    2. Shut down all the nodes in the cluster.
    3. Start all the nodes in the cluster starting with node 1.
      Note: For v5.2.6 or later versions, after you run the startCluster command for the first node, the subsequent nodes are automatically clustered by the installer when they are installed. You must not execute startCluster on nodes other than node 1.