Search for an Offer

You can search for an offer from the Profile Management menu.

To search for an offer, complete the following steps:
  1. Log in to Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client.
  2. From the Profile management menu, select Bank > Offer configurations.
  3. In the Offer Configuration page, perform one of the following actions, and click GO.
    • In the Bank ID(HostID) field under Search, enter either a part of the bank ID or the entire bank ID with which the offer you are searching for is associated.
    • From the Alphabetically drop-down list under List, select the letter with which the offer name you are searching for, begins.
The system displays the complete list of Offers along with the associated Bank IDs.
  • For FUl or FDL Order Types, the system displays the File Format column.
  • For BTU or BTD Order Types, the system displays the following BTF parameters:
    • Service Name
    • Message Name
    • Service Scope
    • Service Option
    • Container Type