Create a File Format

EBICS Client adds file formats and associate them with the bank-technical upload (FUL) and download (FDL) order types. An order type can have zero or more file formats. The file formats for FUL and FDL order types are based on the SWIFTNet request type.

For more information about SWIFTNet, see To create a file format, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Sterling B2B Integrator EBICS Client.
  2. From the Profile management menu, select File formats.
  3. In the File Format Configuration page, next to Create File Format, click GO.
  4. In the Create: File Format page, enter the values for the fields listed in the following table and click Next.
    Field Description
    File format Required. Specify the name of the file format. The file format can be created with any name with these two restrictions:
    • The first four characters should be from a to z.
    • The name should contain a dot (.).
    Country/Region Required. Select a country or region from the drop-down list.
    Supported order types Required. Select the order type for which the file format is supported. For example, FUL, FDL.
  5. In the Confirm page, verify the file format settings, and click Finish.