Installation worksheet

The installation worksheet contains the information you need to gather prior to installing Sterling B2B Integrator. This information is required during installation.

Make a copy of the following worksheet and use it to record the information you collect.

Table 1. Installation worksheet
# Installation Worksheet Your Notes
1 Hostname on which you plan to install the software.  
2 Directory Name where you plan to install the software.  
3 Login to host machine.  
4 Password to the host machine.  
5 Path to the Installation Manager and the installation package file name.  
6 Path to JDK.  
7 Path to JCE file.  
8 Host IP address.  
9 Initial Port Number.  
10 System passphrase.  
11 Database vendor name.  
12 Database user name.  
13 Database password.  
14 Database (catalog) name.  
15 Database host name.  
16 For Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, or DB2, record the path and file name for the JDBC drivers.