Implementation Checklist

Prior to installing the GPM, you need to complete several tasks.

You may want to make a copy of the checklist and use it to record the information you collect:
Step Task Notes
1 Install Sterling B2B Integrator.  
2 On the client computer where the GPM will be installed, verify that the system has at least 100 MB available disk space for Java Web Start and the GPM.  
3 Verify that you have a login ID for Sterling B2B Integrator that has permission to create and manage business processes. You will need this ID when installing the GPM.  
4 Download Java Web Start and to install the GPM. For instructions, see Install the Graphical Process Modeler.  
5 Start the GPM. See Start the GPM.  
6 (Optional) Set your preferences for GPM display and operation. See Set Up Your GPM.