Creating process output log

The log of process activity during the upgrade helps if troubleshooting is required. Output is automatically logged to the upgrade log files (PreInstallSi.log and InstallSi.log). Use this procedure to generate a separate output log for each process you want to log.


To create a process output log, complete the following steps:

  1. From any directory, run the script command to record the processes, ensuring that you have created and specified the name of the file in which to save the process output.

    For example, to start recording output to a file named processoutput.log, type script processoutput.log at the command line. The processoutput.log file will be created in the directory where you ran the script command.

  2. After the upgrade is complete, enter exit at the command line to stop recording.
  3. You can now retrieve the file containing the process output.

    The following example shows a session after starting the script command, specifying the output to be saved to the file named listing.log, and typing exit to stop the script command from running:

    [2]%script listing.log
        Script started, file is listing.log
        Custard.Recipe FavoriteRecipes Curry.Recipe
        VindalooCurry.Recipe Jelly.Recipe
         Script done, file is listing.log