Monitoring and Managing Processes

Even when your processes are integrated, day-to-day monitoring and management of activities can be complicated and redundant. To eliminate complications and get maximum value from your integration technology, you need a central hub from where you can ensure end-to-end transaction visibility, configure and manage operations, and transactions.

The browser-based interface offers a central hub for managing your monitoring and maintenance tasks. The interface enables you to perform the following monitoring and tracking tasks:
  • Track processing history

  • View transaction details and real-time system events
  • Obtain processing state information
  • Create reports specific to your requirements
The console enables you to perform the following tasks to manage processes and the entities related to them:
  • Configure system-processing parameters
  • Manage data transformation maps
  • Create and manage business process models
  • Automate alerts
  • Configure security, including perimeter services
  • Start, stop, and resume processes
  • Configure user and trading partner accounts
  • Configure logging and auditing levels
  • Set up communication configurations

To provide full-spectrum transaction visibility, Sterling B2B Integrator interoperates with other enterprise system management products, including IBM Tivioli, BMC Performance Manager, and Computer Associates' Unicenter.