Data Transformation

Data transformation is the cornerstone of electronic commerce. With Sterling B2B Integrator, you can manipulate data transformation easily.

Supported data formats include Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), positional, variable-length-delimited, Japanese Center for Informatization of Industry (CII), and Extensible Markup Language (XML). Using Structured Query Language (SQL), Sterling B2B Integrator can read, write, and update databases.

Sterling B2B Integrator provides sophisticated transformation logic, including if-then-else, boolean logic, conditional operators, look-up tables, user-defined constants, and user exits.

With support for pre-existing and emerging standards in place, you are prepared to meet new requirements as they develop. You can add complexity to existing structures and build new structures into your translation processes using the configurable components.

A Java translation engine provides scalability, fault tolerance and reliability—all of which powerful assets for sophisticated translations. You can respond quickly to changing translation requirements, improving your quality of service through data integrity.

A graphical user interface is provided for the design and collaborative development of data transformation maps. This interface simplifies map creation by enabling you to build translation maps using point-and-click technology. You can reuse the maps that you have already created, cutting data management costs.