Converting a Sterling File Gateway partner to use Global Mailbox

To use the features and advantages of Global Mailbox, you can convert a Sterling File Gateway partner to use Global Mailbox.

To enable Global Mailbox, the following versions are required:
  • Sterling B2B Integrator 6.0 and later
  • Sterling File Gateway 6.0 and later

When you convert a partner to use Global Mailbox, the partner users, mailboxes, virtual roots, and permissions are marked for Global Mailbox realm. If routing channels are configured for the producer who is converted to use Global Mailbox, then event rules corresponding to the routing channels are created in the Global Mailbox realm.

Important: Producing Partners with Global Mailbox can only send files to Consumers in Global Mailbox, not traditional mailboxes. Producers with traditional mailboxes can send to Global Mailbox consumers or traditional consumers.

The conversion is irreversible. You can convert only a single partner at a time. To convert the partner to use Global Mailbox, you must have route provisioner, administrator, architect, or operator permissions.

To convert a partner to use Global Mailbox, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to Sterling File Gateway.
  2. Click Participants > Partners.
  3. Select the partner whom you want to convert and click Convert.
  4. Verify the partner information and click OK.
    The partner information shows the users, mailboxes, virtual roots, permissions, and routing channels (for a producer) of the partner that is created in Global Mailbox realm when the conversion completes.
    Important: The partner permissions are displayed in single letters E,W, R, D, and V. The expansion is, Execute, Write, Read, Delete, and View.
  5. Select whether to copy messages from the Sterling File Gateway consumer mailbox to the Global Mailbox.
  6. Click OK to confirm the conversion.

To verify that the partner is successfully converted, log in to the Global Mailbox management tool. The Convert button in the Sterling File Gateway user interface is disabled for partners who are converted to use Global Mailbox.