Exporting Sterling File Gateway communities

Export Sterling File Gateway communities from one data center to create a file that can be imported to other data centers. Partners in the communities that are converted to using Global Mailbox are enabled in the data centers where they are imported.

To create a file to import into Global Mailbox:

  1. From the Administration Menu, select Deployment > Resource Manager Import/Export.
  2. Next to Export Resources, click Go!
  3. Select the Output Format Type and click Next.
  4. Select Yes to list the communities to export.
  5. Select the community which you want to export and complete the export operation. This exports the community and the Sterling File Gateway partners that belong to the community.
  6. For the type of export, select Standard.
  7. Click Next.
  8. If you are prompted for the system passphrase, you will need to enter and confirm your passphrase and click Next.
  9. Review the information for the resources to be exported.
  10. Click Finish to create the export file.
  11. If you want to review the export report, click View Export Report.
  12. Click Download Export data to download the export file to a hard drive or disk.
  13. In the File Download dialog box, click Save.
  14. Select the location where you want to save the export file and click Save.