Removing a data center with the data center configuration utility script

To remove a data center from the Cassandra table, you can use the dcConfigUtility script. Also, to update a data center configuration, you must remove the data center and then add it again.

You must run the command line utility after you install the Global Mailbox server. The command line utility is a shell script, which calls a Java™ program, which in turn calls the Mailbox Datacenter Service API.

To remove a data center by using the dcConfigUtility script:

  1. Open the /<install_dir>/MailboxUtilities/admin/bin (UNIX/Linux) or \<install_dir>\MailboxUtilities\admin\bin (Windows) directory.
    Tip: Replace <install_dir> with the directory where the Global Mailbox is installed.
  2. From the command line, type ./ (UNIX/Linux) or dcConfigUtility.bat (Windows), and specify the Global Mailbox administrator user name and password when prompted.
  3. Type ./ remove (UNIX/Linux) or dcConfigUtility.bat remove (Windows).
  4. Specify appropriate values for the parameters in the following format, --parameter='value'.
    The name of the data center you are removing. Required. A data center name is case-sensitive, ensure that you specify the correct case when you add or remove a data center.