Adding a data center with the data center configuration utility script

To establish a connection with another data center, you must first add the data center to the Cassandra table. To add a data center, you can use the dcConfigUtility script.

You must run the command line utility after you install the Global Mailbox server. The command line utility is a shell script, which calls a Java™ program, which in turn calls the Mailbox Datacenter Service API.

To add a data center configuration to the Cassandra table by using the dcConfigUtility script:

  1. Open the /<install_dir>/MailboxUtilities/admin/bin (UNIX/Linux) or \<install_dir>\MailboxUtilities\admin\bin (Windows) directory.
    Tip: Replace <install_dir> with the directory where the Global Mailbox is installed.
  2. From the command line, type ./ (UNIX/Linux) or dcConfigUtility.bat (Windows), and specify the Global Mailbox administrator user name and password when prompted.
  3. Type ./ add (UNIX/Linux) or dcConfigUtility.bat add (Windows).
  4. Specify appropriate values for the parameters in the following format, --parameter='value':
    The name of the data center you are adding. Required. A data center name is case-sensitive. Ensure that you specify the correct case when you add or remove a data center.
    Specify any additional properties that you want to configure for the data center in the format, propName=value.
    Enter the path to an output file. After the data center is added, the ID of the data center is updated in the output file.