Specifying Mandatory or Preferred Nodes for BP Steps in a Clustered Installation

Each service step in a business process can be configured to be executed on a particular node. This feature keeps business process steps local to a non-clusterable adapter and moves a business process to the correct node to access a document stored on disk.

You can force execution to one of the following kinds of nodes:
  • A mandatory node. A business process fails if the mandatory node is not available.
  • A preferred node. A step executes on the preferred node if it is available. If the preferred node is not available, the step executes in the local node where the step is currently running.

You can specify mandatory and preferred nodes at the business process level. This feature allows users to specify that a particular business process should run on a particular node in a cluster. If the node is down, the business process fails. All steps of the business process run on the specified mandatory node.

A business process-level preferred node tries to run the business process on the specified node. If the node is down, it runs on one of the active nodes available on the cluster.

Use the Process Level page in the business process checkin wizard to specify or update business process-level mandatory/preferred nodes during the check-in of a business process.