Taking Actions with One or More Business Process Instances Simultaneously

You can resume, restart, stop, expedite, or terminate multiple process instances at once.

About this task

To resume, restart, stop, expedite, or terminate multiple process instances:

Note: You cannot perform an advanced restart, using a different business process model, using this procedure.


  1. From the Administration menu, select Operations > System > Troubleshooter.
  2. Under System Status, select Business Process Usage.

    The system returns a list of processing states; when current process instances are in any of the listed states, an active link enables you to view the processing information for those instances.

  3. Click the link to view the Monitor, showing the processes in the state you selected. For example, if the Business Process Usage monitor displays the following:

    Halted 9 (where 9 is the number of halted business process instances)

    You can click the number 9 to display the Monitor.

  4. Click the check box under Select next to the instance or instances you want to restart, resume, stop, expedite or terminate. Select instances that you want to perform the same action on. To perform different actions, complete this procedure a separate time for each action.
  5. In the Activities field, select Restart, Resume, Stop, Expedite, or Terminate and click Go! The options displayed are the only options available for the selected instance or instances.
  6. When Sterling B2B Integrator prompts you to verify your selection, click OK.