System Log Messages

Sterling B2B Integrator uses enhanced system logging for EDI and translator messages. Each system message that is related to EDI or translation now contains a unique code number in addition to the text of the message.

Log files are created in the install_dir/logs directory. To prevent the system log files from taking up necessary storage space and memory allocations, Sterling B2B Integrator only generates a log file when a component runs (a log file is generated to monitor the activities of each system component), which improves the performance of the system.

See Managing System Logs for information on log file naming conventions, log file types, and how to manage the system logs.

Note: If you receive the following code in a system log, it indicates that a basic logging method was used and notifies you of a message that has not yet been converted to use the enhanced logging (in the future all these messages will be converted):
000000000000 GLOBAL_SCOPE N/A