Configure Keystore Pathname or Password

When importing CA (trusted root) certificates from the Java Key Store (JKS) that is shipped with the JVM, a password is required. This password appears as a prepopulated default in the user interface.

About this task

If this password or the JKS pathname changes, modify the file to modify the default password that appears in the UI.

To configure a keystore pathname or password:


  1. Navigate to the installation directory.
  2. Navigate to the properties directory.
  3. Open the file and locate this line:
    JVMcacertsFilePath = install_dir/jdk/jre/lib/security/cacerts
  4. Modify the JVMcacertsFilePath entry to reflect the new pathname.
  5. To change the keystore default password that appears in the interface, locate this line:
    JVMcacertsFilePass = 
  6. Modify the JVMcacertsFilePass entry to reflect the new password.
  7. Save and close the file.
  8. Stop Sterling B2B Integrator.
  9. Run the setupfiles script using one of the following steps:
    • (UNIX, Linux) – From the install_dir/bin directory, run the command.
    • (Windows) – From the install_dir\bin directory, run the setupfiles.cmd command.
  10. Start Sterling B2B Integrator.