Delete a Service Configuration

In Sterling B2B Integrator, you can delete individual service configurations (except system service configurations).

Some reasons you might delete a configuration are:
  • Reduce the number of pages of service and adapter configurations displayed.
  • Reuse resource names (and allow the service type to be changed).
Here are some important concepts about deleting service configurations:
  • Only user accounts that have SII_DELETE and BPMANAGE permissions can delete configurations.
  • You cannot delete a service type or a system service configuration.
  • Deletion of a service configuration is permanent and the service configuration cannot be restored.
  • If the service configuration runs on a schedule, the schedule is deleted with the service configuration.
  • When a user account is required by a service configuration (for example, to access a mailbox), and that user account is deleted, the service configuration will not run and generates an error message.
  • After you confirm that you want to delete a service configuration, the system deletes it and creates a log entry that contains the name of the service configuration, date and time of deletion, and the user account who performed the deletion.
  • After a service configuration has been deleted, you can reuse the name.
Before you delete a service configuration, complete the following tasks:
  • Use the Export Resources function to save a copy of the service configuration to offline storage (recommended).
  • Disable the service configuration (enabled services cannot be deleted).
  • Identify any uses of that service configuration prior to deleting it. Depending on the service type, the configuration may be used by one or more business processes; it may initiate a business process; or it may run independently – for example, a File System adapter configuration can run without being part of a business process.
  • Change any business process that uses this configuration to use a different one. A business process that contains a deleted service configuration will fail when run.

To delete a service configuration:

  1. From the Administration Menu, select Deployment > Services > Configuration.
  2. Under List, select the service type of the service configuration you want to delete from the by Service Type list and click Go!
  3. Click Delete next to the service configuration that you want to delete.
  4. Verify that you want to delete this service configuration and click OK.
  5. The Resource Summary is displayed, which includes the service type, name and description for this service configuration. Verify that the information shown is for the service configuration that you want deleted.
  6. Confirm that you have backed up the service configuration, and that the information shown is for the service configuration you want to delete.
  7. Click Delete to remove the service configuration.