Create a Service Configuration

In some cases, you must create a configuration of the service you want to use. You can create many configurations from one service type.

Note: You can save your configuration at any point in the configuration process by clicking Save. You can then return to it later.
  1. From the Administration Menu, select Deployment > Services > Configuration.
  2. Next to Create New Service, click Go!
  3. Use the Tree View or List View to locate and select a service to configure, or type the full name of the service in the Service Type field. Click Next.
  4. Enter a name and description for your configuration in the appropriate fields and click Next.
  5. Select or create a service group for this service configuration, as needed. Selections are:
    • None – You do not want to include this configuration in a group at this time.
    • Create New Group – You can enter a name for a new group in this field, which will then be created along with this configuration.
    • Select Group – If you have already created one or more groups for this service type, they are displayed in the list. Select a group from the list.
  6. Complete the fields specific to the service. See the documentation for a specific service for more information.
  7. To enable this configuration for business processes, select Enable for Business Processes.
  8. Confirm the information about the service configuration you created and click Finish.
  9. To determine if additional configuration is necessary, see the documentation for the specific service. You may need to specify additional parameters for some services using the Service Editor in the GPM.