Copy a Service Configuration

You can copy an existing service configuration to create a service configuration with different settings. Copying is especially helpful when you want to create several configurations for one service, and you want to duplicate some configuration settings without doing a lot of manual entry.

The settings you specify for the new (copied) service configuration do not affect existing configurations. When you create a new configuration from a copy, give the configuration a unique, meaningful name to differentiate it from existing ones. For example, you have a Command Line Adapter 2 configuration called RunBatchFile1. You need to create another configuration that will be used for running a different command line file. You have determined that most of the settings will be the same as those for RunBatchFile1, so the fastest way to create the new configuration is to copy RunBatchFile1 and edit only the settings that need to be different for your new configuration.

  1. From the Administration Menu, select Deployment > Services > Configuration.
  2. Select the service configuration you want to copy from the by Service Type list and click Go!
  3. Click Copy next to the configuration that you want to copy.
  4. Make any necessary changes to the name or description and click Next.
  5. To enable this configuration for business processes, select Enable for Business Processes.
  6. Confirm the information about the configuration you copied and click Finish.